Off Grid Water Systems: One of the components we will need to figure out is a sustainable off grid water system. The goal of this page is to document the evolution of our off grid water solution, share resources and tools we find useful, and share both insights and discoveries we find along the way. Rain Water Harvesting When researching water systems it is important to look at the price per gallon of various systems. In most cases, nothing can beat the price per gallon of rain water, making a rain barrel catchment system very appealing. When we first arrived on our property we were planning to collect rain water off of tarp roofs around the property and use it in our home. We even got big blue rain barrels to start the project. However, a few experiments proved to us that they would NOT be right for our property for two main reasons.

Kentucky Whiskey Barrel Rain Barrels

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up to 55% off. stylish finds. Jewelry Armoire Sale. up to 55% off. Lighting. Make outdoor watering and washing chores more environmentally friendly and budget conscious with the EarthMinded DIY Rain Barrel Diverter and Parts Kit. This easy-to-install rain barrel collects rainwater for reuse. It includes a FlexiFit diverter that prevents.

A full-grown goat can drink a gallon or more per day and 25 chickens can easily go through this much as well. Well, I could invest 5 grand into plumbing the farm from the main well or I could look into making a larger capacity livestock waterers that I can fill with a hose more infrequently. So I went with the latter. You can follow my steps here to make your own livestock waterer.

This can easily be adapted to water most any creature. I used Craigslist to locate a used, 60 gallon, food-grade plastic barrel. This one used to hold Mountain Dew concentrate and it still has somewhat of a soda aroma. A little bleach and water helped subdue this somewhat. I got this one at Cheapo Depot for 5 bucks. You also need a little Teflon tape and some silicon or acrylic caulking.

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I would like to mention that I myself am planning to do this. The way I would go about doing this is by figuring out where exactly the drain to the washer is located on the outside of the house and then drill a hole in the wall to feed a PVC pipe through it. Then I would modify the washer drain to accept a shut off valve along with a Y fitting above that so that you don’t have to keep moving the disposal hose of the washer back and forth. Shut off valve would work so that you can cut off the main drain and divert the gray water to the rain barrel outside.

My rain barrels are only getting a very small corner of my roof (basically an eve on the corner of the house – probably about 10 total feet of gutter), yet a full inch of rain will fill all three 55 gallon barrels.

Rain Barrels Rain Barrel Workshops Started in , the district has sold over 3, rain barrels to the public and conducts rain barrel workshops a year. A rain barrel is a container used to collect and store rainwater that would otherwise be lost to runoff and likely diverted to a storm drain. Collected rainwater may then be used to water lawns and gardens.

At a workshop, the instructor explains the importance of rain barrels in curbing storm water pollution and it is a hands-on workshop where attendees build their own barrels to take home to use in their lawns and gardens. The system we use requires you to cut your downspout. We go over this in the presentation and there are further directions in the diverter box you will get at the workshop.

You can follow this video to install your diverter click here , although we recommend installing the diverter on the wider side of the downspout versus the narrower side as is shown in the video. When you order a barrel for a workshop, please do your best to be at the workshop or let us know 72 hours in advance if you cannot make it. We get the barrels shipped to the site and if we have someone who does not show up, we are left with the barrel.

If you order online and cannot make the workshop, you may apply your payment to a future workshop. You will assemble this during the workshop. The barrel we use is a 55 gallon, recycled plastic white drum that has been cleaned out and is food grade, its dimension is 3′ tall x 2′ wide. Includes two hose barbs used to connect hose at bottom of barrels – the hose section needed can be cut from the diverter from the full rain barrel system Why use a Rain Barrel?

How to Connect More Than One Rain Barrel

Downspout adapter and extension Teflon tape Select a location for the barrel under a downspout. Locate your barrel as close to the area you want to irrigate as possible. Make sure the barrel has a stable, level base.

Brass spigot for hose hook-up or dual overflow; Screen to keep out debris and insects; Why not save your precious resources by using the Big Blue 55 Rain Barrel. The Big Blue holds up to 55 Gallons of pure, rainwater. the Big Blue 55 Rain Barrel will pay for itself several times over in water bill savings and is even cheaper and easier.

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CT DEEP Collection of rain water from roofs using rain barrels is growing in popularity because of its many environmental and practical benefits. It can help the environment by diverting water that might contain contaminants away from storm drains and the natural bodies of water that those empty into. Depletion of well water can be a benefit when this non-potable water is used instead of the tap for things like washing cars, irrigation of plants, and flushing toilets. But is using rain water to irrigate vegetables and fruits safe?

Are there contaminants in it that could make people sick? A few universities in the U.

The RTS Rain Barrel has many unique features including: a flat back to sit flush against a wall, linkable to other rain barrels for increased capacity, screen to keep out debris and insects, and a shut off valve for hose hook-up with dual overflow! RTS Companies Inc. Homepage. Home; Rainwater Collection.

Master gardener Paul James, conservation expert Gina Hungerford and rain barrel builder Jeff Greer explain how to start your own water conservation system with easy-to-install rain barrels. To save a little water from going down the drain, Hungerford offers a simple, efficient, low-cost method for homeowners to collect and recycle water. She suggests installing rain barrels, which are simply large containers that capture rainwater at the end of your downspout.

According to Hungerford, a quarter-inch of rain falling on the average home yields about gallons of water. A rain barrel can be filled within a matter of minutes during a good rain. While plastic is preferred because it won’t rust, any large, waterproof container will work well. Drill a second hole nearby along the side of the container about 1 or 2 inches from the top. Flip the barrel over and drill a third hole into the base. Determine the number of pipe adaptors male and couplings female needed to span the distance from the hole at the barrel base to the outer edge of the barrel.

Wrap each threaded adaptor end of piping with plumber’s tape for a watertight seal. Screw the sections together, making sure they’re secure and tight. Attach a curved coupling to the hole on the barrel base and connect the additional adaptors to the curved section. Join a spigot to the end of the attached pipe section.

Rain Barrel Soaker Hose

Jamey D – July 06th I have burned paper trash for as long as I can remember. I have used burnbarrels, fire pits, old refrigerators, chimneys and about anything elseyou can think of. I finally got fed up with ash everywhere, half burnedpaper, and a smudgeey fire that lasted for days. Now my fires last only a few minutes and the ash is pretty well contained inside the unit. In addition, the ash is so fine and completely burnt, the ashes from a family of four for a monthsworth of trash barely fill a five pound coffee can.

For holding and catching rain water Capacity holds up to 50 gallons of water Durable resin construction Includes drain hose for water usage Includes shut-off valve for hose hook up Overflow hose doubles as connector hose Debris filter keeps leaves.

Some modifications have been made to the baffle and input The slow sand filter and first flush diverter described here will remove petroleum hydrocarbons from water collected from the composition roof used here to collect water down to less than 2 parts per ten million by weight. Also the roof water filter system described on the pages of this website produces water that exceeds EPA and Snohomish county drinking water standards for absence of chemical and biological contaminants by comfortable margins.

The preceeding links point to all the info these are external links – click the back button on your browser to return here. Three of these are pond filters, and 2 of them are roofwater filters, and the other 2 are shallow well water filters; filter 1 is a roofwater filter. Of the 5 non-pond filters, there have been 10 different configurations tested. Of the 3 pond filters, there have been 6 configurations tested.

The filters shown on this site are not “biosand filters”.

Harvesting Rainwater: How to Make a Rain Barrel

Jamey D – July 06th I have burned paper trash for as long as I can remember. I have used burnbarrels, fire pits, old refrigerators, chimneys and about anything elseyou can think of. I finally got fed up with ash everywhere, half burnedpaper, and a smudgeey fire that lasted for days. Now my fires last only a few minutes and the ash is pretty well contained inside the unit.

In addition, the ash is so fine and completely burnt, the ashes from a family of four for a monthsworth of trash barely fill a five pound coffee can.

How to hook up a rain barrel on a 3×4 downspout. In this brief tutorial, we discuss using our downspout diverte Simple, best way to connect rain barrel to downspout: Downspout diverter. Introducing Rain Brothers’ new automatic How to hook up a rain barrel .

Close Help Rain Barrel to Toilet Installation A few years ago, I bought a 90 gallon rain barrel and hooked it up to my rain gutter on the far side of my house. I used it once in a while, but found it time consuming to fill watering cans and so it went mostly unused. Living near Seattle, I get about 37 inches of rain a year. I often see installed rain barrels around here used for gardens and flowers that are full and overflowing, not living up to their potential. I thought there must be a simpler way to use more harvested rainwater year ’round.

My solution was to relocate my rain barrel on my back porch and then hook it up to my downstairs toilet. This configuration sets the rain barrel about 8 feet above the toilet. When flushed, gravity refills the toilet with rain water from the barrel. I did a lot of hunting around on the internet and was unable to find much practical information about doing this on a residential basis. It is my hope that this web page may inspire and help others to hook up a rain barrel to their home black-water toilet system.

How to Install A Rain Barrel

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