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Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on May 6, at Cossack’s Lab turns 17th today! Official news are still relatively quiet as of yet. Lately, rumors of a Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 have been floating around, although nothing has been confirmed yet. The upcoming TV series has been delayed a bit, to early , so not much has been shared beyond an updated look at Mega Man himself. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet for a potential tie-in game either. Here’s hoping that more exciting stuff is on the horizon.

Thank you for visiting! Cossack on February 21, at As such, the dialogue and text is hard if not impossible to follow for players living in other regions of the world.

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Oct 07,  · Over in the dock, the defendant, Dwayne Vincent, better known to his fans as Megaman, shook his head in time to the music and mouthed the words.

They are just victims of my marketing abilities When I was a kid, I had a Nintendo. At that time, 13 or so years back, most of the games came directly from Japan, with their audience on mind. A typical player from Occident wants the penalty for losing to be, in a worst case scenario, a grimace. For the Japanese to make a mistake in a game should be as distressful as losing a baby, in your father’s death anniversary.

Megaman 2 is not an exception. I remember one of my friends saying: The dificulty is legendary, and that sunny Saturday morning I had decided I would finish it. In a spontaneous show of my stupidity that flourished as the first hairs in my armpit, I chose to not write down any password, a token of consideration the game offered after each “boss” so as not to start all over. My plan was to finish the game that day, no matter the consequences. D Many hours went by, and I had already skipped dinner when I reached the last part.

In front of me, in all its glory and power, the one and only, the “Final Boss”.

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Megaman was a robot designed by Dr. Light to help out as his lab assistant. Wily created eight robots of his own and tried to take over the world with them, forcing Megaman to step in and stop him. Light also made Protoman, Megaman’s brother, and Roll, his sister. Hikari in an alternate universe where instead of robots, the Internet became prevalent. Megaman Zero worked along side Megaman X, they both share the same story line about reploids trying to take over the world and destroy humans.

Megaman ZX is about a hundred years after Megaman Zero and X, which in turn were about a hundred years after the original Megaman. It’s about the reploids who fought with Megaman Zero and X whose bodies turned to biometals, and the person who uses the biometal will have the power of that warrior. Megaman Starforce is a new series about a kid geo stelar who combines with the fmian omexis and becomes Megaman.

If you want to see it go to the link below.

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Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 1 game Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 1: The first part of the dating sim. Kind-Hearte Kind-Hearted Rapunzel game Kind-Hearted Rapunzel: Rapunzel needs a makeover!

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The MaGMML series is quite possibly one of the biggest things to come out of the Mega Man community, with the sizes of the games unparalleled. You’ll find lots of info about the series here, plus once everything is ready everything you’ll need to participate in any upcoming contest, but feel free to join the community on Discord or the forums! Contestants are provided a ‘devkit’ with the most up-to-date Game Maker version that is either free or abandonware.

The devkit currently is based in WreckingPrograms’ Mega Engine. With this devkit comes tons of premade assets from the classic Mega Man games, with the amount of premade content increasing each game.. Contestants are then challenged to make the best level they can, and then submit the level to a panel of five judges.

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