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Firewood burned in a wood stove is our primary heat source — not just in winter, but year round. We regularly have fires going in the evening here until the end of May. When we first moved to our rural property, I had so many questions: How much wood do we need for winter? What kind of wood should we burn? How do I prepare it? How do I clean the wood stove? As a city girl, I had no clue about building fires or how to use them for heat. But I learned fast. The answers would come over the next year, as I learned the finer points of building and maintaining fires and the wood stove that keeps us cozy.

Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove: Which is Better

You need good clearance around the stove to prevent accident fires from the radiant heat generated. Since its a used stove, you can check online and compare sizes and there should be an installation guide that will help you with the clearances. As for your chimney, looks like you are going to first need the transition piece from the stove to the chimney pipe, looks like its on oval take off from the stove.

If you also check online you can find pricing for other piping too, double and triple wall, if you decide to go that way. They make a Thimble for this that keeps the heat transmission from charring the wood.

A wood stove is unlike any other device presently in a modern home. A wood stove regularly has surface temperatures over degrees F. The interior stove temperatures are over 1, degrees F, and if a chimney fire occurs, temperatures over 2, degrees F are possible. Creosote is an inevitable by-product of burning wood. Periodically.

Stainless steel handle and air-washed ceramic glass Accepts logs up to 18 inches longDimensions: This insert features a cast iron door with a cool-touch stainless steel handle, and an air-washed ceramic glass window for an excellent view of the fire inside. It’s firebrick-lined for long life and combustion efficiency. A hearth surround is included to fully enclose the existing fireplace, and a spring loaded automatic adjustment feature makes installation a breeze.

This insert has a 6-inch flue collar. It is not approved for use in mobile or modular homes. It is recommended that you use a professional installer to ensure the safety of the exhaust system. They have been Keeping America Warm since In , the company formed a contract with Sears Roebuck and Company and for 37 years, three-quarters of their volume was through Sears. Today, USSC remains privately owned and operated with over employees. Their years and experience in each part of their business is the longest and best in the industry.

USSC is constantly upgrading their technology to find ways to maintain their low costs and high standards.

Wood stove to duct work

How do I know if my wood is dry and seasoned? The use of green or wet wood is the single largest contributor to less than peak performance. The combustion of fuels produces water, regardless of moisture level of your firewood. A piece of dry wood has only so many Btus and if the wood is green or wet, then the combustion process will require heat to eliminate this added moisture. That is heat not being used to heat your home.

We were glad to help a friend of Rockford Chimney Supply’s, Dennis, hook up his Napoleon free standing, leg model wood burning stove in his man cave. Tiny Wood Stove, Wood Burning Stoves, Wood Stoves, Wood Burner, Stove Fireplace, River House, Solid Fuel Stove, Rocket Stoves from Pinterest.

We at the Antique Stove Hospital have noticed a troubling trend in the past months. There have been several businesses around the country that have opened up with very similar names to ours. If you are questioning the authenticity of your potential purchase, it is important to make sure that you are buying from either Emery Pineo or Brandon Pineo at the Antique Stove Hospital in Little Compton, Rhode Island. If you have been solicited by ANY other individual who represents themselves as being part of the Antique Stove Hospital, please let us know so we may take appropriate legal action.

Here at the Antique Stove Hospital we specialize in returning wood and coal stoves to day one condition. All stoves are totally disassembled, cleaned, parts welded or replaced as needed, caulked, reassembled, painted, new grates installed and nickel replaced. Our stoves are rebuilt one at a time from good original stoves and guaranteed to operate as they were designed.

Kitchen ranges and parlor stoves are available. We carry stove that range from AD to AD We restore the solid fuel fireboxes to either wood or coal.

Pellet stoves vs Rocket stoves (wood burning stoves forum at permies)

Thought for the Harvest: Choosing the Right Stove for Your Home Why a pellet stove might be the best option for heating your outbuilding Cabin fever: Considering fireplace and stove options for your home away from home How pellet furnaces and stoves can revitalize the way you heat your home When you think of wood heat, you might picture sitting around the fireplace, with most of the heat coming directly from the burning logs and the hearth.

While that might bring cozy memories and warm thoughts, wood pellet furnaces and stoves provide more than just a cozy place to sit — they can revitalize the way you heat your entire home. Units like the Magnum can heat any house up to 3, square feet and can be connected to existing ducting systems. And just like you can control a traditional heating system with a thermostat, you can do the same with a pellet stove, helping you get the most for your energy dollar.

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Originally Posted by Mr Bill Ignore the point about taking outside air for combustion directly to your stove somehow increases pressure in your house. This is hogwash, and someone was likely confused. Basic laws of Physics determine why air moves in and out of a structure. One basic idea to keep in mind is that all things want to be in balance– to reach a point of equilibrium. Warm air moves to cold air untill they are the same temperature; high pressure moves to low pressure untill they are in balance.

Woodstoves and most all other combustible appliances in your house use air from the house to combust the fuel and this air leaves the bldg up thru the chimney, exhaust fans, etc.. This air must be replaced somehow to reach the point of pressure balance, so it leaks back in where ever it can. It is always better to control where the air comes in than letting it decide on its own. Thus- the direct connection to the woodstove or appliance, when provided to do so, is always the best.

It is all-to-common up here to have houses in some various state of pressure imbalance, and there are various factors at work here. Why this happens, and the causes, would be a topic all to itself, and far too detailed to go into here.

Wood Burning Stoves: Use the #1 Wood Stove Resource

We render services for both residential and commercial. Call us today on and we shall get back to you as soon as possible. Wood Burning Stove Guys in Sandy Hook,CT is strategically located in a convenient place where you can access regardless of which place you reside or where your property is located.

Pellet Heaters Heat Your Home While Being Environmentally Friendly. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly heat source with the traditional look and feel of a wood burning stove.

Power is another aspect, which distinguishes pellet stoves and wood stoves. These wood stoves work as fireplaces — all you need to do is to add some wood, then light it and stoke as needed. They can completely operate without requiring any power like electricity. Because of this reason, they are always usable so long as the timber is available.

No matter what, pellet stove always needs the power to operate. And electricity is the keystone in its operation. Therefore, if its power goes out, you have to say goodbye to your fire. Electricity gives power to a motorized hopper, which feeds pellets into your stove. Rating of Eco-friendly Pellet stove:


This is the Easiest System for Self Installers! We help you every step of the way! You will NOT void the warranty by installing the furnace yourself!

Wood stove hook up to furnace. steam boilers warranty and fire protection roof line after only hook. Nice outdoor wood stove and horseshoe pit wood or a pellet burning furnaces and begin. Before making sure that you would heat to disconnect your stove for best efficiency oil or furnace plenum.

May 8, Leave a Comment Yurts are a reflection of the beauty and simplicity of nature. Their rounded structure, illuminant lighting from the skylight, and open feeling can all put us more in touch with our natural surroundings. Fortunately, with good yurt heating, these beautiful structures can be wonderfully cozy as well. There are a number of ways to install yurt heating; almost any conventional method can be used. Many of our customers prefer wood stoves, others choose pellet or propane stoves, some use central heating or electric heaters, and some even put in radiant floor heating.

If ductwork is required for any heating solution, it can be installed below the yurt floor. Wood stoves are very common with yurt owners, but gas stoves work great too. We do recommend that a heating specialist be consulted with the installation of any heating solution and that local codes be checked before beginning. A large, quality airtight stove puts out uniform heat over a long period of time.

How-To Install a Wood Burning Stove

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